I’d like to encourage teachers, students, and life-long learners to try a few of these educational websites that I’m implementing in my classroom.  Some of the sites provide great information, others provide supplemental documents, but they all enrich the teaching and learning process.  I’ve added Flipboard, TED, iTunesU, Quizlet, and EdPuzzle apps to my phone.  One of the features that I treasure is notifications and badges from iTunesU and Flipboard.  There are so many resources that I can easily adapt to my classroom that are on target with my standards and time efficient for me.  I’m finding that my students are really more engaged and excited about learning because I’m “mixing things up” a little in our classroom routine. is a great assessment tool.  Create your own at Mainly, I use this forum as a review at least three times per week.  The reports are fantastic and provide detailed information that I can download in Excel and print.  The data is easy to read and I can easily see which questions need more review, which questions were mastered, and sometimes the students tell me that the question was worded a little tricky.  There’s an edit feature that is easy to use and save corrections and updates.

After each “game” the students are given the opportunity to rate the “game” and I encourage the students to answer honestly.  If they didn’t like it, I know it immediately.  I’m currently working on blind kahoots! Check out the excerpt below from…

Stephanie-Castle-200x200.jpg?mtime=20151Stephanie Castle is a most marvellous Super Kahoot!’er, Apple Distinguished Educator (check her out on iTunes U!), and IB Biology teacher. In her spare time you’ll probably find her testing clever ways to use iPads to enhance learning in science, speaking about live streaming technology and its use in blended learning, and making the most awesome science videos EVER. Give her a high five on Twitter @castlestephanie. ( is free!  The website already has a database of quizzes that are easily duplicatable and quick to load.  One of the features that I like is the “homework” feature that allows students to take the quizzes by a certain deadline.  This assessment tool also provides instant feedback to the users by displaying the correct answer if a student chooses an incorrect answer.  Questions and answers can be put in random order. Pictures can be added, players are given an avatar, reports are generated and saved, scores are displayed on the users’ screen at the end of the quiz, etc.

YouTube is extremely powerful as long as you research and review all videos before sharing with your students.  I stumbled upon a great series of “how to” videos and subscribed to the channel.  If you’re interested in using PowerPoint as an effective tool, check out PowerPoint Spice.  Now that I’m subscribed, I get e-mails with templates, new information, and cool ideas.

Edutopia has a wealth of information.  I’m finding that I use this site for research and fact gathering.  I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I dig into this site because all of the links are so enticing!

Recently, I started visiting  Again, lots of great ideas and information.

I’m trying to keep this page updated when I discover and research a new site or app.  Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions.



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