Learning Manifesto

Have you ever been so frightened to post something on the Internet with your voice in the background?  I’ve always hated how uneducated and “country” I sound.  I don’t even like to leave voicemails, I’d rather just text or e-mail the person I’m trying to contact.  But, my instructor urged me to step out of my comfort zone and try a new method of delivering my course content.  I did it, it’s definitely not my best, but I learned many things about myself in the process.

Our instructions for this lesson were to create a reflection that addresses our learning manifesto. We were asked to identify emerging issues related to digital learning. 

Throughout our assignments, we are encouraged to watch videos as well as read suggested readings.   As I update this website, I plan to share my favorites.

Click here for my electronic version of Learning Manifesto in Keynote.

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