Digital World

Moving forward, taking a huge leap of faith, sailing out on a new adventure, and landing in my new digital world.  I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new way to share information and retain projects that I’ve completed all under one roof.  I remember my last week in middle school (as a student) trying to carry all of the contents of my locker home on my bicycle.  It took me several days to get everything home.  Now I could just fit all of my school work in my “cloud” and take it everywhere I go!

Do you remember December of 1999, right before Y2K?  I had a fancy new ZIP drive to back up all of my personal information, videos, photos, etc.  Though the process was lengthy, it was well worth my peace of mind knowing that I had all of those precious digital moments saved.

Fast forward to 2016, it’s time again, to save my digital work.  But this time, I’m doing it for a completely different reason.  I don’t want this site to merely be a “disk full” of projects, but rather a collaborative process to reach out and grow.  I’m finding that most of my recent research very interesting.  I’m learning about Growth Mindset, escape rooms, flipped classrooms, distance learning, ownership, ePortfolios, and innovative projects.  My mind is completely obsessed with learning new ways to connect with students, to encourage students to think and learn for a reason, and to help my co-workers develop more interesting lessons to keep our students engaged.  I truly believe in being a life-long learner.

This is definitely a learning process for me!  Not only am I branching out and trying new approaches and apps with my students, I’m also using two platforms in an attempt to broaden my digital skills.  I transition daily between the PC platform and Apple.  Hopefully, all the links work on my website that I’m building with both platforms.  I’m finding that some of the documents that I’ve submitted as Evidences of Learning will open in most browsers, while others need to be downloaded to be read.

The goal of this website/ePortfolio is to share the information that I’m learning while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Learning and Leading.  This endeavor is definitely a continual  work in progress.  I’m learning so many new gadgets, widgets, apps, etc., daily so please forgive the bumps in the road. If you’d like to see some of my work from my very first Master’s Degree course in Digital Learning and Leading, click on Digital ReflectionLearning ManifestoLearning NetworksLesson with Digital Assessment Tool.  I plan to add tabs on each page for better navigation throughout the site.

I must add that I’m finding this adventure exciting and I’m enjoying the collaboration that I experience with the other students in my graduate classes.  It’s nice to hear a fresh point of view on a topic of interest from so many walks of life.

Also, follow along with my blogs, leave comments, offer suggestions, etc @kellibaileyblog.

Thanks – learning something new every day – even at my age!

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