The Innovation Plan outline that I created last year has made some progress lately.  I’m happy to announce that although it took a while, I’m finally having meetings with the influencers that are necessary in order for the plan to work.  My innovation plan is about incorporating Blended Learning in the classroom and using BlackBoard as my LMS.


  • Discuss plan with current administrators -Completed September 2017
    • Participate on a committee for effective Professional Learning
  • Visit Lufkin High School (LHS) – approved by administration September 2017
    • Benchmark the models of Blended Method at LHS
  • Continue to gather facts through my Digital Learning and Leading online graduate course through Lamar University
    • Ongoing
    • Anticipated completion date June 2017
  • Discuss technical aspects with Technology Department of adding Blackboard throughout the district – Completed September 2017
    • Met with new district Technology Director September 2017
    • Technology Director currently researching funding for BlackBoard
    • Local grant for funding due November 2017
  • Discuss options for additional online course offerings
    • Not implemented 2017-2018 school year
    • Committee to be formed for 2018-2019 school year by January 2018


  • Implement Blended Learning in my Graphics Design class then eventually incorporate the same methods in my work co-op program
    • Created LMS for Graphics Design – implement by December 2017
  • Encourage the way students view learning by taking ownership of personal projects
    • Ongoing – implemented August 2017
  • Guide and direct students choice and voice in projects
    • Ongoing – implemented August 2017
  • Students will learn at exponential rate – obtain certifications (achieve campus goals)
    • Ongoing process implemented certification process through ICEV September 2017
  • Guide and Direct students to present projects using Adobe CC, blogs, collaboration, videos, images, pictures, video/photo lab with lights, backdrops, and microphones
    • Renewed Adobe CC license – September 2017
    • Adopted new online textbooks – September 2017
    • Will introduce video/photo lab January 2018
  • Learn from students – encourage students to teach me at least one new method of presentation per project
    • Ongoing throughout the year
  • Peer review, collaboration, and reflection on student projects (house all electronic projects in an e-portfolio such as
    • Will begin January 2018
    • Students have Creative Cloud accounts
    • Introduce e-portfolio websites in January 2018
  • Ignite a fire in the district and community (have students create ebook type videos for our pre-school students in the CTE building then post videos on school website)
    • Will begin January 2018
  • Provide after school “lab” time in my computer lab for students to shoot and edit video and use Adobe CC
    • Need approval from administrators – December 2017
  • Provide guidance to students who want to use their personal iPhones to shoot and edit videos
    • Will begin January 2018
  • Students create a series of “How To” videos and share with classmates and other teachers
    • Will begin January 2018
    • Share with teachers through PL committee
  • Students leave my class with knowledge and a desire for deeper learning
    • Ongoing
    • Sharing motivational speaker videos
    • October 2017 motivational speaker for entire student body (speaker models life-long learning, importance of getting an education, taking ownership of student learning, and walk/talk movement
  • Students will be more employable by using skills learned in Graphics Design class and will be able to share their digital creations with prospective employers
    • Ongoing throughout the campus – mandatory to incorporate employability skills in every subject

Document Progress

  • Share student projects, videos, blogs, and pictures with administrators and other technology teachers
    • Need administrators approval – December 2017
  • Share lessons with co-workers and ask for feedback
    • Ongoing – shared with co-workers
    • Need administrators approval to share with campus – December 2017
  • Measure student growth in real time using various online assessment tools to gather immediate feedback and results
    • Pre-assessments complete – September 2017
    • Ongoing real time results via ICEV
    • Ongoing online assessments ( and
  • Review, reflect, revise as needed throughout the process
    • Review coompleted – September 2017
    • ICEV needs to be reviewed – October 2017
    • Revise LMS – December 2017


In order to provide a positive learning experience for all of my students, I would like to propose a blended learning concept in my classroom.  Students will be working at their own pace, taking ownership of their own learning by choosing projects to work on while mastering the necessary skills required.

Most of the lessons will be delivered via newly purchased ICEV online course, Adobe CC online textbooks, YouTube, other Google docs, videos that I create, podcasts, iTunesU, and other various websites that we find are meaningful to student success.  This will guide and direct the students to dig for additional information instead of face-to-face lectures.

After much research, I have learned that my students will become more employable and learn new ways of solving problems by using the Blended Method of learning.  My goal is that my students will leave my class with a desire to learn more each day.  If learning is more personal and students are given a choice, I think they will develop ownership and strive to learn more.

I will also offer assistance in my computer lab after school for those students who want to receive additional help or simply just move forward.  This time will not be “game” playing time, this will be actual tutorial time for those students who may not have the necessary programs on their home computers or devices.

I have several students in my Graphics Design class that I feel are not properly ready for the content that needs to be delivered in a timely fashion.  Providing modifications in my Graphics Design has been a struggle this year.  The students who don’t have the foundation to master Adobe Photoshop are allowed to create projects in another software that is easier to comprehend.  I have several students who master every lesson within a few minutes each day – with the remainder of my students right on track.

My hope is that my advanced students will teach me a thing or two!  And, I want to make the class more exciting for them – this will help lower the disruptive behaviors plus boost learning levels.  I will still monitor and adjust as needed and will meet with each student one-on-one weekly to discuss their progress and offer assistance.  My teaching methods will be altered in a fashion that will encourage and require deeper learning.

Please follow the links below for additional background information that I have reviewed and other research that I have submitted in my Digital Learning and Leading online course through Lamar.

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