The Why?  What motivated me?  Honestly, because I’ve been sitting through professional development since I started teaching in 1988.  I’ve seen so many changes,  experienced the joys and the pains of professional learning, and have survived!  I believe in keeping up with what’s new in Education as well as in my field of teaching.  Currently, I teach Graphic Design and Practicum in Business (work program for high school students).

If I want to keep my students engaged and learning, I must learn new ways to teach them.  I also need to keep updated on rules, guidelines, restrictions that are necessary each school year.  While I know this video isn’t my best work, I learned several new tips and tricks that I didn’t know before.  And, I learned what NOT to do the best!

My idea behind the presentation was to provide a call to action for my current administration.   We NEED to change the way professional learning is being introduced.  Not only does the type of learning need to change but also the timing of the learning.  I believe we lack in the follow-up category.  After 13 days of various in-services and work days, I only felt that two were beneficial to me.  In order for our learners to excel in the digital age, we’ve got to teach in the digital age.

The What?  Click below.

Professional Learning Video


The How?  The uploading of my video.  Where shall I start?  I’ll start with the software that I used.  I created my presentation in Keynote (which is an Apple product).  I created several slides, added some effects (tried to keep it easy to read), and finished with the voiceover.  The pictures that I used were all approved by the people in the pictures.  Most of them were taken by me personally or my sister.   I also received permission from Dr. Adolph Brown to use his picture.  I encourage you to follow him on Facebook by searching for Real Talk with Dr. Adolph Brown.  He is a FANTASTIC motivational speaker.

The frustration has been with my internet service.  As you know, a video can be a large file when trying to send it anywhere.  I couldn’t upload it from home, so I sent it from work – finally!  Issues that I experienced were many besides internet connection.  Once I connect at work, then the district has WordPress blocked so I can’t upload anything to my ePortfolio.  But, I did learn something about my internet provider that is helpful.  I need a BIGGER plan – but guess what?  They don’t offer one for the device that I have.  Once you get near the end of your cycle, they cut your speed in HALF.

Here are some pictures of my why.  My daddy who is surviving cancer, my sister and her family, and my teacher friends that support me.  Enjoy!