It’s back to school time for me which means several weeks of Professional Development (PD).  After sitting through three days of PD last week, I’m not excited about the next two weeks.  I believe that our district should provide MOST of our PD via online courses.  So far, the most online PD that we are required to complete is merely watching a few videos and answering questions at the end of each module.  No collaboration, just watching videos.  I believe we should follow the footsteps of Calcasieu Parish School Board Professional Development.  I taught there for several years and they have really invested time and effort into the new PD with great incentives.  Check out their website at

Another online course that could be created on my campus is Welding!  Yes, I’ve had many lengthy discussions with our welding instructor at school and he would LOVE to teach the textbook requirements online and have more time for hands-on instruction.  So, he and I are going to try to get our district to adopt our blended learning model for Career and Technology.  Most of the students that we teach in Career and Technology already have jobs and are trying to squeeze in a few extra classes.  If we could adopt the blended learning method, this would allow our students more flexibility in their schedules.