My newly created Learning Management System (LMS) is  If you would like to view my course, please contact me with your e-mail address and I will add your name to the course.  I would appreciate any constructive criticism.

Along with creating a LMS, here is an example of my outline for my online course.

Learning Environment/Situational Factors Outline with 3-Column Table

UbD Template in MS Word

The introduction, learning goals, desired results, and audience for my innovation plan can be found here.

Finally, a brief description of my assignment document and materials that I will use in is:

Creating Smiley Face in Adobe PS

The standards that guide my classroom instruction are Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEK)S:

Employ a creative design process to create original two- or three-dimensional projects by creating designs for defined applications.

Begin this lesson by watching this YouTube video.  Please pay close attention to the shortcuts that are used.

Beginners Photoshop

After watching the video, open Pixlr or Sumo Paint to re-create the smiley face.  Once you feel comfortable with the Selection Tools, re-create the smiley face in PhotoShop.  Be prepared to answer questions regarding the shortcuts shown in the video.  Be prepared to share your questions and findings with the class in our discussion board.  Remember to save your document on your “h” drive and also upload your completed work to googledocs.