My innovation plan’s main focus is incorporating blended learning into my graphic design classroom.  My action research topic selection is to determine if my learners will view and read the recommended reading and videos associated with each lesson.  Specifically, my Action Research question is “Will my learners choose an authentic graphic design project and take ownership of their learning?”

I do believe that my innovation plan has tremendously helped me with my action research topic.  It will be interesting to measure the difference between the learners that read and view the material before the actual face-to-face instruction and those who chose not to.

My purpose is to determine if my learners are taking advantage of reading and viewing the recommended information BEFORE the class instruction begins.  Do my learners have access to the recommended information at home, or do they have to view the information at school?  Do my learners WANT to review the information before class?  I believe that if I post this information online before the face-to-face interaction, most students will benefit from the information being delivered online.  I know that I am a life-long learner and I appreciate the knowledge that is available before I walk into a classroom.  I feel that I have the necessary time to review and formulate questions and ideas before face-to-face instruction is given in a brick and mortar manner.

In identifying my “Why Process” I was able to clearly understand and focus on the main theme for my innovation plan.  My focus is how many learners actually utilize, read, view, and review the suggested videos, journals, websites, and digital information that are assigned BEFORE the actual face-to-face instruction in the classroom and take ownership in the project.

I will initially use the Quantitative Approach to gather the initial data.  Then I will incorporate the Qualitative Approach to ask more open-ended questions and personal surveys.

Once the Quantitative data is gathered and analyzed, I will then be able to ask more open-ended questions and obtain insights into the students preference of learning.  In the Action Research book, Dr. Mertler emphasizes that this type of research is cyclical.  I like that because there’s one thing that’s constant in education and that is change!

I plan to survey my students with specific yes or no responses.  I will then add Pre and Post tests using online assessments such as, Quizizz, and Google Docs.  I plan to research and find other online assessment tools in order to keep the learners interested in the class.

It is important to plan ahead and to anticipate variables in the data collection.  My Action Research Flowchart (Week 2 Action Research Flowchart – kbailey) helped me to focus on what questions need to be addressed and the possible outcomes of the questions.  I need to be specific in explaining exactly what I want my learners to answer, and I want them to answer honestly.  I plan to administer a short pre-test assessment to determine if the learners have actually viewed the recommended resources before I introduce the lesson.  I will ask specific questions that I know the students will answer correctly if they have previewed the material.  I do understand that there is the probability that the students can just guess the answer correctly on the first attempt.  Our learners have been taught test-taking strategies in other classes to prepare for college entrance exams.  My plan is to stress the importance of answering honestly – preferably by not assigning a “grade” in the grade book for incorrect answers.

The focus of my literature review is to research the avenue of blended learning in the high school and post-secondary education of blended learning.  Although I don’t have a completed research on the topic, I do feel that my learners deserve alternative methods of education given their geographical location and readily available access to resources to fund continuing education.