Have you ever tripped over a root and stumbled without falling?  My advice, some 4 years later, is to just go ahead and fall down!  Break an arm, break a wrist, bruise your pride, and just do it.  Just fallscores – my failure to fall has led me down a long and painful journey with my ankle.  My stubborn streak had a little input on my healing process along the way.

While doing my research before surgery, I found that a sprained ankle can cause just as much damage to your foot as a broken bone.  Over the past 4 years, the ligaments in my ankle have become unstable.  In order to regain some stability, I had surgery on March 9, 2017.

Speaking of falling – at least I’m falling forward!  I go to Houston Tuesday to get my stitches removed and be fitted for a walking cast.  For those of you that know me, this not being able to be MOBILE is driving me batty!  And, I looked at my toes Friday, I have bruises everywhere…I didn’t have surgery on my toes – at least I don’t think I did.

My advice, before having any surgery that requires mobility equipment, please work your upper-body muscles and lose those unwanted EXTRA 15 pounds (ok, 30 pounds) that feel like 100 pounds when you’re using a walker.  Don’t have surgery when you have important assignments due, don’t have surgery during the last 12 weeks of a school year if you are a teacher.  Buy plenty of FAT clothes that will fit over a size 10 foot wrapped with two or three inches of gauze and bandages.  Completely stock up on toilet paper, bottled water, shampoo, anything that involves going to the grocery store or Wal-Mart.  Have your house professionally cleaned so that you don’t see those stains on the floor in the corner behind the kitchen table that you’ve never noticed before.  Take all of the necessary dishes OFF of the top shelf.  Change every single light bulb in the house before surgery – because they all seem to burn out at the same time.  Don’t schedule surgery during Spring Break and look at all the posts from your friends who are fishing on Facebook.  The day before your surgery, get a haircut and color, manicure and pedicure, eyebrow wax, stock up on every snack that you’ve ever wanted in your life, water your plants, sweep your porches, keep your chargers handy, throw away ALL unnecessary food in your refrigerator, and have plenty of plastic bags to tote around on your scooter.

After surgery, get plenty of rest, don’t watch marathons of Law and Order, and don’t take your pain meds on an empty stomach!  Remember to read your discharge papers before going back to work (and plug in all electronic devices to recharge each night)!  Keep the cords wrapped neatly so that you don’t get them stuck in your scooter wheels.

***Added Sunday – do you sit at the table to work on your assignment while propping your foot sideways and having your hip out of line, do you work on the couch, do you work in bed with foot elevated above heart but can’t reach all the paper you need and a good internet connection?  Life’s mysteries…just laugh at yourself and keep researching, reading, and remember to eat!

Hope you are all feeling my sarcasm, humor, and fun in this post!