Blended Learning in Graphics Design and Illustration Course (grades 10-12)

  1. Document Progress
    1. Pictures, videos, blogs
    2. Share lessons with co-workers and administration (allows for district professional development)
    3. Ask for feedback from students, co-workers, and administration
    4. Measure student growth in real time
  2. Outcomes
    1. Change the way students view school
    2. Make school fun
    3. Learn at exponential rate – grow
    4. Learn from students
    5. Ignite a fire in the district and community
    6. Provide after school “lab” time
    7. Students leave my class with knowledge and a desire for learning
    8. Students will be employable

Most of the lessons will be delivered via YouTube, other Google docs, videos that I create, and various websites.  This will allow the students to dig for information instead of having it thrown at them.

After much research, I’ve learned that my students will become more employable and learn new ways of solving problems by using the Blended Method of learning.  My goal is that my students will leave my class with a desire to learn more each day.  If learning is more personal and students are given a choice, I think they will develop ownership and strive to learn more.

Another goal is to share this type of learning with other teachers at school and ignite a fire of wanting to learn and have fun with learning.

I’m going out on a limb here and will offer assistance in my computer lab after school for those students who want to receive additional help or simply just move forward.  This won’t be “game” playing time, this will be actual tutorial time for those students who may not have the necessary programs on their home computers or devices.

I have several students in my Graphics Design class that I feel are not properly ready for the content that needs to be delivered in a timely fashion.  For instance, I have several students who are enrolled in the Intro class while simultaneously enrolled in my advanced class.  I have other students who received credit for the Intro class while in DAEP but who do not have the basic skills necessary to thrive in my Graphics Design class.  On the other hand, I have several students who master every lesson within a few minutes each day – with the remainder of my students right on track.

In order to provide a positive learning experience for all my students, I’d like to propose a blended learning concept in my classroom.  Students will be working at their own pace, making decisions which projects to work on while mastering the necessary skills.  Basically, we’ll be all over the map!

My hope is that my advanced students will teach me a thing or two!  And, I want to make the class more exciting for them – this will help keep down the disruptions plus boost learning levels.  I will still monitor and adjust as needed and will meet with each student one-on-one weekly to discuss their progress and offer assistance.  I won’t just roll out the dog and pony show and insist that everyone completes the mundane tasks each day.  I will encourage and require deeper learning.