As part of my graduate program studies, I’m digging and researching everything I can about keeping students engaged and collaborative learning.  I’ve started my digital journey through pages and posts on this website.  I may not have everything exactly where it needs to be at this point, but I’m still learning.

Speaking of learning, I think this article that I read this morning on pretty much sums up my experience in my grad class this term.  It’s called “Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement” by Heather Wolpert-Gawron, updated February, 2015.  Kids Speak Out on Student Engagement | Edutopia

She confirms my beliefs about engaging students in a real-life activity that teaches them more than just common knowledge.  Technology is a great way to grab the student’s attention, but trying to keep a high school student’s attention WITH technology is sometimes frustrating.  They’ve had it their entire lives.

We must understand how our students learn in order to create a teachable moment.  I’m thankful that I have a lab of computers that the students can use every period of every day.  I try to make learning meaningful, yet fun.  I’m trying to create that connectivity where the students can recall information based on a visual or something they heard.

I will continue to grow and research…and I will continue to love what I do! Now it’s time to create some blind kahoots!