I really enjoyed the challenge of this lesson.  We were asked to dig deep and look for our true passion:

  • Why are we doing what we do?
  • How have we evolved throughout our career?
  • What is right or wrong with education and what can we do to enhance or fix it?
  • Identify emerging issues related to digital learning and leading.

I created a reflection that I called my Learning Manifesto.  This was my very first attempt to use Keynote with a voiceover.  I was extremely nervous (still am) about submitting this as an Evidence of Learning.  When I think of evidence, I feel like it is something that can be held against me.  Nonetheless, it was required.  Playing the presentation and actually hearing myself speak brought back a memory from long ago.  Do you remember when you recorded your very first voice message that was on your old-fashioned answering machine?

Part of our weekly submissions included researching current issues and posting our findings on a discussion board.  So far, I’ve enjoyed all of the suggested and required readings and videos.  I’m truly learning more about myself and how to be a better teacher.  I’m finding all of the information that I’m learning very useful and encouraging in my current teaching position.

Balancing Didactic and Constructivist Pedagogies was our topic for the week.  I chose the TPACK approach as explained by Matt Koehler.

Here is my Evidence of Learning – Digital Reflection